Our History


St. Mark’s came into being as an indirect result of an invitation from the Anglican church regarding the joint use of the site presently occupied by the church of St. Hugh of Lincoln on Goreway Drive (near Morning Star) in Malton.

When this invitation was received, the Church Extension Committee of the Presbytery of Brampton began to investigate the possibility of establishing a Presbyterian Congregation in Malton. After an exhaustive survey of the Malton area, it was recommended to the Church Extension Committee of the Presbytery that steps be taken toward this goal. The Committee supported this recommendation which was accepted by the Presbytery at a meeting held on January 18, 1972. The Presbytery also asked the Board of World Mission for the appointment of Mr. Frank Slavik, an experienced Church Extension Minister.

Lancaster Senior Public SchoolThe first Worship Service was held on March 26, 1972 on Palm Sunday at Lancaster Senior Public School and soon the definite outlines of a Congregation began to emerge. A Sunday School was organized along with a Women’s Group and Junior and Senior Choirs. A Steering Committee was also formed to help the Minister with the Congregational responsibilities.

The Board of World Mission was willing to purchase a church site for the Congregation and the Steering Committee accepted the choice of the site on Morning Star Drive beside the Public Library.

Steering committeeWhen the city of Mississauga purchased the land on the corner of Morning Star Drive and Darcel Avenue, we exchanged our site with the city for our present property on the corner. This exchange was most advantageous for both parties. It gave the city an unbroken stretch of land for future community development and the congregation a more prominent site and visibility.

The Congregation, at its Annual Meeting held on January 21, 1974, decided to begin a Building Program in 1974 and on October 13, 1974, the congregation celebrated a Sod Turning Service.

Sodturning1As the builder finished his work, the congregation moved in the with paint, brushes, tiles, etc., to complete the work and to keep the cost down. Many people contributed of their time, talent and energy to this task.

The original plan was to have the building completed by Christmas 1974. However, delays occurred which caused the postponement of completion. In the end, it was felt that the dedication date was a most appropriate one. SketchIt was on Palm Sunday, three years before, that the congregation had their very first Worship Service in Lancaster Senior Public School; and it was on Palm Sunday that they gathered to dedicate the Church to the Glory of God, in the name of Him who entered triumphantly into the city of Jerusalem, even Jesus Christ our Lord. To him be the glory and praise!

"Out of Many Nations, We Are One Family in Christ."