Meet the staff

The Reverend Germaine Lovelace answered the call to become the minister at St Mark’s and started in February 2019.

Rev. Lovelace was ordained in the Moravian Church in Jamaica in 2004, after having, in his words, “an unrelenting feeling that God was calling him” to full time ministry. He studied at the University of the West Indies and the United Theological College of the West Indies. He ministered in two large congregations in Jamaica for ten years before moving to Canada where he completed the diploma in Presbyterian denominational studies at Vancouver School of Theology. Rev. Lovelace’s sermons give the congregation the loving, transforming, redeeming message of hope for God’s people. It is his firm belief that pastoral care is a fundamental part of any minister’s job, particularly for those in crisis and those who are unable to participate fully in worship and other regular church activities. Rev. Lovelace believes that Christian education for all ages is an integral part of any congregation and he supports educational programs for all ages in the congregation. As a team player who believes in setting achievable, measurable, specific goals with the church leaders, he believes that regular training and vision planning are important for those in leadership roles. Creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for worship and fellowship where friends are made is a must in his church.
Rev. Lovelace is married to Marsha and they are the proud parents of one son, Secoya.

The Kirk-Session at St Mark’s

Session is one of the four courts of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and is the highest decision-making body in any congregation. Session at St Mark’s, is a group of selected Elders including the Minister. Our congregation’s Session is made up of thirteen dedicated Elders and our Minister who sees to the Spiritual guidance of our congregation as well as provide good governance and wisdom.

Members of Session are elected by the congregation from the members of the congregation and given a mandate to provide prayerful support, membership care, guidance and spiritual leadership to the church and community. Our Session meets once each month and also have a joint meeting with the Board of Managers a few times per year. Meet the members of our Kirk-Session below:

Dianne Douglas: Clerk of Session & Representative Elder to Presbytery

Abhijit Ghosh: Deputy Clerk of Session

Samuel Alfred

Ernest Birbalsingh

Enid Campbell

Murna Creighton

Ivy Jones

Azhar Paul

Amanda Rachpaul

Shash Rachpaul

Pat Richards

Ralph Saywack

Mavis Thomas

Velda Walkes

The Board of Managers

At St Marks, the Board of Managers (Deacons) is a group of volunteers drawn from our Church membership that oversee all financial and building management issues and concerns. They do this through careful thought and prayer as followers of Christ. The Board works closely with Session whom they are also accountable to.
The Board does many things. Its tasks can be divided up into two groups:

  1. Care of the Church building and
  2. Stewardship of the Church finances.

These tasks range from simple lawn care, building security and upkeep, snow shovelling to undertaking major renovations within the Church as well as investing and spending monies on behalf of the Church. Meet the members of our Board of Manager’s below:

Colin Henry: Chairman

Isaac Asumadu Sakyi: Vice Chairman

Wilfred Hallet: Treasurer

Shirley Sumere: Envelope Secretary

Gita Singh: Secretary

Linton Bernard

Lionel Jodha

Doris King

Peter Mbugua

Maritza Rahal

Richard Ramcharan


Music Directors

Jo Ann Bishoff

Gary Blake (Part Time)

"Out of Many Nations, We Are One Family."